Flooring - Pedestal paving 

Pedestal paving, is a new popular paving way for stone and tile in all over the world, widely used for many indoor and outdoor places, such like landscape, plaza, path, booth and office. 


Pedestal paving accessories1 - Pedestal 



Material: PP polypropylene 

Adjustable range: 12.5-1200mm

Working temperature: -35°C-100°C

Product life: 30 years





Pedestal paving accessories1 - Fastening, adhesive tape




Regular sizes and load



Pedestal required quantity




Paving Steps:

1. Find the pedestal paving spot according to design, and adjust all height to meet the requirement. 


2. Pave tiles, use spirit level to adjust the level of the 1st tile(install fountain before pedestal in landscaping).





3. Repeat Step #2, pave tile according to "T" paving order.


4. Keep paving till end, adjust the level anytime if needed. 




Pedestal System Assembling 

Step: Introduction for upper and bottom fastening.



Wall: Introduction for side fastening.



Office/Showroom indoor Pedestal System

Adjust the height of pedestal 

Pedestal under adjacent tiles

Remove unnecessary divider 

Use spirit level 

Adjust level for adjacent tiles

Adjust level for adjacent tiles

Add more pedestal

According to "T" paving order 

Assemble upper and bottom fastening

Assemble upper and bottom fastening

Assemble adhesive tape

Finish paving



Pedestal System Advantages

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