Technical Specification

  • Mohs Hardness                            Grade 7
  • ​Modulus of Rupture                     45MPa
  • Breaking Strength                       13000N
  • Kiln Temperature                         Non Constant Temperature
  • Water Abosorption                      <0.1%
  • Anti-slip Resistance                      R11
  • Abrasion Resistance                    PEI4-5
  • Frost Resistance                          Pass
  • Resistance of Acids and Alkalis    Pass





Finish: Lappato, Matt, Anti-slip




Indoor & Outdoor

Full body fine porcelain

Integrated application for both Indoor & Outdoor



Extremely low water absorption

Advanced production technology making the water absorption <0.1%.

Excellent acid and alkalis resistance.

Suitable material for outdoor.





High density and abrasion resistance

High density due to due to high-temperature calcination

Abrasion resistance reach PEI4-5



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